Welcome to The Elms Nursery

There are currently spaces available at The Elms Nursery

We are pleased to let everyone know that from September our nursery will be rebranded, including improvements in the hours we offer and allocation of spaces. John Hampden Nursery (Ocean and Sky) will rebrand to The Elms Nursery Class at John Hampden.

 The main change will be the sessions we can offer families. All children must do a minimum of 15 hours; however, sessions can be selected in three-hour sessions. If a child is eligible for 30 hours of funding, they can increase their session times above 15 hours in three-hour increments. We hope that these changes will be more appealing to parents to fit around their work commitments or other childcare arrangements.

 As per our agreement with Oxfordshire County Council, we will continue to offer up to 52 part-time-equivalent funded places. Due to this offer of a guaranteed number of funded places, we are unable to offer fee-paid spaces.

Nursery Admissions Policy

The Elms Nursery Class at John Hampden Primary School will have the following sessions available, Monday to Friday during term time:

 Morning Session 8:45am-12pm (3-hour session)

Afternoon Session 12pm-3pm (3-hour session)

Full Day 8:45am-3pm (6-hour session)

 Another change will be that we will allocate spaces in Summer Term 1 (April-May) for the next full academic year ahead. Therefore, if a child is a January or April-born child we can give a firm offer in advance. We hope that this will give our parents more commitment and security in their placement before they look at alternative provisions. We will also continue to welcome applications during the year as long as we have space.

 We are pleased to say that the response to introducing the nursery uniform was positive and this will be compulsory from September 2024.