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Year 6 - Field Week


For parent information about future field weeks, click here to view the presentation that was shown to parents recently.



On Monday I woke up at 6.00am, I opened my eyes, looked around me and saw my massive bag that I had packed the night before; I remembered that I was going to woodlands for a week... I got up and dressed, then had breakfast and soon my friends mum was here to pick me up. We were soon at school with everyone else. We then got on the coach and it took about 4 to 5 hours to get there because it is in Wales!






When we got there we got shown around the house and the outside areas (which were beautiful) and then we went to our dormitories. My dormitory was on the second highest floor so I had to take my massive bag up the small and steep steps (it must have taken about half and hour). The dormitory was lovely because it was so big and it had a window that lead to the front of the house. For lunch we had pizza and it was delicious. After lunch we unpacked all our things and then we met our instructor. He was called Dan and he was really nice! We then played some teamwork games which were really fun. For dinner we had homemade fish and chips and they were better than the ones you get in the chippy.

On Tuesday we went canoeing. It took about half an hour to get there. Our group was starting at one end of the canal and another group at the other end. Then we would pass each other and go back home in their mini bus. First we learnt some techniques and then we lowered the boats into the water and we were off... It was really fun and my partner and I got the hang of it quite quickly. We travelled 5 miles and it took about 4 hours. We stopped at the canal bank for lunch and then we were off again. Soon we came to a drawbridge and we had to lie down in the boat and pull ourselves under it when the bridge was still down!!! Half way there we met the other group and had a massive water fight (that was fun). At the end we did a little game of trust where we were in our partners and we had to lean back outside the boat so our heads were touching the water (that was scary). After that we tipped one of the canoes upside down and slid down it into the water. The water was so cold that I thought I was going to catch hyperthermia... For dinner we had chicken curry which was lovely.







On Wednesday we went caving which I was a little bit nervous about but now I would love to go again. The bus journey was about 45 minutes long. When we first got into the cave my eyes went all funny because of the darkness but soon we put our head torches on so it didn’t matter. Our first challenge was the letter box and it was terrifying but it was only about a meter long so we were soon out. The letter box it this tiny space that you have to fit through. You have to lie on your tummy and wriggle yourself through... after that there was a little slide which was so much fun. Then we went down this hole that lead to this little passage that we had to crawl through and the water came up you your waist (again the water was very bitter). That challenge was called the toilet! We then waded through some water to get to this thing called the washing machine. You could just about stand up but you had to bend your head down and you had to stride through rushing water to get to the other side. If you didn’t stand up and put your arms out to the side and you crawled through, it would be very difficult to get yourself up again. After that it was time to get out the cave and go home again and again my eyes went very weird because of the brightness. For dinner that night we had lasagne which was again very nice.

On Thursday we went mountain walking. It was very tiring and very windy. It was also very steep and the steps going up were very uneven! On the way up we saw 3 very beautiful waterfalls and the path was so close to them that someone could have easily fallen in because there wasn’t and fence. When we got to the top of the mountain we sat down and had lunch and we had pasties!!! After lunch we walked all the way back down again and by the end I could hardly walk any further. I went to sleep very quickly that night.







Friday was probably my best activity. We did the high ropes. When I first got to one of the platforms I was really nervous but then after a while I got used to the height and really enjoyed it. We first had to go up this rope ladder to get to the first platform and then there was this wooden thin plank that we had to walk across which was really scary but at the same time really fun. Then the next challenge was the zip wire and all it was, was a tiny plank of wood that you had to jump on and then it would get you to the next platform. It was my job to stay on that platform and catch people that were coming towards me and I had to catch my teacher (I wouldn’t say he is very small)!! Next we had to walk along this piece of wire with these bits of rope hanging down to hold onto...  and lastly we had to walk along this very wobbly ladder that had massive gaps in the middle but that was quite fun. After we had lowered everyone down and we had lunch. After lunch we went on this gigantic climbing wall and I got to the top of it twice! Then there was the leap of faith were you had to climb up this pole and stand on the very top of it... I didn’t stand on the top because it was two wobbly but I did climb to the top.



After we had packed everything away we went back to the house and packed away all of our belongings. Sadly it was time to leave and everyone was really sad (including me). It was quite late when we got back to school and I had a lot to tell my family!!


I hope that I will go back again one time because I have just had a wonderful adventure






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