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Year 1


Phonics Screening



If you would like a copy of the Year 1 phonics screening, please click on the image above to download it.


Term 1


Barnaby Bears Travels


During term 1 we have been exploring the world around us, following Barnaby Bear and his adventures across the seven continents. We have used art, story and role play to explore different cultures and even made our own naan bread.





Three Little Pigs


In science we learnt all about materials and we made houses for the Three Little Pigs and then we tried to blow them down to see how strong they were! The brick houses survived intact whilst the straw and stick houses blew down.



Term 2


Descriptive Writing


This term we have been working hard to develop our writing. We have written descriptions of the Tear Thief, information books about Guy Fawkes and have worked in groups to make our own poems.




In science we have learnt about the seasons and have explored the school grounds looking for signs of change. We had great fun collecting colourful leaves, acorns, conkers, thistles and  ‘helicopters’ to explore in our brain station.


Advent Presents


We had lots of fun in the lead up to Christmas with our advent presents. Here are some pictures of us with photo booth props.






Term 3


In term 3 we will be learning about castles and will be visiting Oxford Castle as part of our project. We will be writing information booklets and a recount of our trip. Later in the term we will explore descriptive language further, reading about dragons and writing our own sentences full of wonderful WOW words.




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