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Eco Warriors


Bird Boxes


The Eco Club have been busy this term making bird boxes to put up in the school grounds. With the help of two members from Thame Shed, Adrian Dite, a grandfather of one of the pupils at the school, and David Everiss, the children spent a rainy lunch time hammering away to create some spectacular bird boxes. The bird boxes were made out of recycled materials. The wood is "Larch", and was previously used as weather boarding. It was given to the school by Charlene Gardner, a parent at the school. The old timber was cut down into straight planks and then into the parts of the bird boxes in line with the RSPB design. The hinge for the lid is made from an old cycle inner tube, so the only new items are the nails holding them all together. The Team got together this week to hang the boxes in the school grounds. We look forward to welcoming birds to nest in our grounds.






Replacement Trees


Mr Jefferies helped the Eco Club plant trees in the school grounds. The Eco Club wanted to replace the trees that had been cut down to make room for the Haigh Building. They planted a selection of Rowan, Cherry and Silver Birch trees. They are looking forward to watching them grow.





Nature Challenge


A group of children found an interesting discovery in the wooded area, tucked away in the new camo dens. Your challenge is to find out the name of the caterpillar below and write a brief report about its habitat. The winning report will go on the school website.




Greenhouse Project



A big thank you for those of you who donated any of the 961 bottles used to complete the greenhouse. Also the project could not have been completed without the support and hard work of Mr Eyre and Mr Sayers, who helped groups of children with the building and used their own woodworking skills for the framework, doors and benches.


It was formally opened on Friday 3rd April 2009 by Cllr Alan Buckland and Mayor of Thame, Cllr Donald Butler.



Eco Council



The Eco Council was set up in Nov 2007 with the aim of gaining Eco status for John Hampden School. We have already achieved bronze and silver and hope to apply for the Green flag before the end of the school year.

The Eco Council is made up of pupils (representing all year groups), parents, staff and governors. They aim to meet at least once a term with a child acting as secretary, producing minutes for the web site and notice board.


What are we doing?

The children have already carried out an environmental review to document our current situation, questioning Mr Haigh, the caretaker, the teachers, and the office and kitchen staff on the following topics-


  1) Litter

  2) Waste Minimisation (recycling)

  3) Energy

  4) Water

  5) Transport

  6) Healthy Living

  7) School Grounds



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