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We are always pleased to offer the opportunity of a visit to prospective parents. Please contact the school to make arrangements or ask for further information.


The Foundation Stage at John Hampden comprises the Nursery and Reception classes and these provide a seamless transition from pre-school into mainstream education.


Our dedicated Early Learning facility for children aged three to five years has been enhanced by newly built premises and outdoor area.


Foundation Stage (Nursery)


Children are admitted part-time to John Hampden Nursery from the term after the child's 3rd birthday until they move into the Reception class.  Places are provided for five morning or five afternoon sessions a week and parents have the flexibility to opt for fewer sessions if they wish.  Every effort will be made to meet parental preferences between morning or afternoon sessions though this may depend on existing pupil numbers within each setting.


Foundation Stage (Reception)


From September 2008 4 year old children will be able to start full time in the autumn term of the year in which they become five – this allows us to provide full-time education to all children for four terms before they move up to Year 1 of the Primary School.


Primary School


As well as the two options above, parents additionally have the national statutory right to reserve taking a full time place in John Hampden Primary School until the term after their child’s fifth birthday, whenever that falls.


School Contact Information


Mrs. Nikki Moignard and Mrs. Christine Smith, are the contacts for John Hampden Primary School when requesting advice or further information regarding admissions.


Telephone: 01844 212291
Email: office.2591@john-hampden.oxon.sch.uk
Website: http://www.john-hampden.oxon.sch.uk/


General Information


In line with Oxfordshire Education Authority schools, John Hampden Nursery and Primary Schools operate a six term year as follows :-


Term 1 – September to mid October
Term 2 – End of October to December
Term 3 – January to mid February
Term 4 – End of February to April
Term 5 – End of April to end of May
Term 6 - June to mid July.



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